DZconfig terms & conditions

By using DZconfig you must agree to these terms & conditions

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DZconfig is not associated with DayZ or Bohemia Interactive

Acceptable use

DZconfig must soley be used as a DayZ server file editor. DZconfig reserves the right to cancel or suspend accounts for:

  1. Excessive use with intent to DOS or strain the network
  2. Malicious activity, attempting to exploit
  3. Creating multiple accounts


DZconfig takes your privacy very seriously and securely stores personal data with encryption. DZconfig will never disclose or sell any information to third parties.


DZconfig reserves the right to change or move your DZconfig panel location at any time.


DZconfig uses an external payment processor and does not store any credit card information internally.

Failure to cancel any active subscription 24 hours before expiry will see it renew automatically.

If plan expires and payment could not be successfully processed your account will default down to "free" tier.


There is a 48 hour refund period for any paid subscriptions.

Service availability

DZconfig will attempt to have its services at 99.9% uptime. Occasionally downtime may happen either by an external issue i.e network or internal. Long periods of downtime may see an extension to subscription length