A modern, easy to use online DayZ server file editor and configurator with handy features to make configuring quick and simple.

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DZconfig makes DayZ server configuration files easier to edit by using a web based panel with auto suggests, forms and a more effective modification and categorization system. Instead of editing server XML files or trader config files in a text editor you can use the web panel to help prevent errors and have a smoother editing experience.

  • Auto-suggest classnames
  • All classnames have sub-categories
  • Favorite and enable/disable Types items
  • Web form helps avoid errors 
  • Handy UI slider to edit values faster
  • View and set averages for Types.xml
  • Graphs and charts
  • Easy to reset back to vanilla values

GUI editor

Classname manager


Upload XML



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DZconfig was made to help edit DayZ server configuration files easier and in a way that is more visually pleasing. DZconfig isnt just for XML files either, you can edit trader mod files, server start bat file and the serverDZ.cfg file.

The supported server files for editing are:

  • types.xml
  • events.xml
  • globals.xml
  • cfgrandompresets.xml
  • cfgspawnabletypes.xml
  • cfgeventspawns.xml
  • serverDZ.cfg
  • Server start.bat
  • DayZ Trader
DZconfig types editor

Designed to be easy

DZconfig was designed to be easy to use and simple to understand so you can enjoy editing your server to your preferences.


Currently there are 9 different locations to choose from for your DZconfig panel.

This helps ensure that with lower latency; editing, uploading and generating is done efficiently and to max performance.

Each location uses modern, high clocked CPU's and fast NVMe storage.

The current locations for the DZconfig panel are:

  • Los Angeles (USA West)
  • Dallas (USA Central)
  • New York (USA East)
  • Amsterdam (Europe)
  • Paris (Europe)
  • Frankfurt (Europe)
  • United Kingdom (London)
  • Canada (Montreal)
  • Sydney (Australia)

Location statuses


DZconfig is free to use however the features are limited; Paid plans ensures development and server costs are covered for the continued growth and expansion of DZconfig.

Free Platinum
Instances 1 6
Backups No Yes
Upload files to edit Yes Yes
Uploaded Files 12 80
Upload max size 1 MB 2 MB
Vanilla classnames Yes Yes
Expansion classnames No Yes
Auto suggest mods No Yes
Other mod classnames No Yes
Suggest classnames Vanilla All
Classname array builder Yes Yes
Types average No Yes
API No Yes
FTP push No Yes
Ads Yes No
Price Free $60 USD P/Y